September 13, 2016


September 13, 2016


September 13, 2016

Adding warm lemon water into your morning routine is a fresh way to start the day and wake up not only your mind but also your body! Drinking warm water instead of cold first thing in the morning activates the digestive system and helps to stimulate blood flow to get you moving quickly.

Why warm instead of cold? 

You should always listen to what your body is telling you because the body always knows best, it’s also equally important to know the benefits of warm vs cold.

When your core body temperature gets hot you are more than likely going to grab the ice water, especially while you sweat and that’s a perfectly normal response. Drinking cold water while you workout helps to cool your internal body temperature and replenishes the body of lost water. Studies show that drinking cold water with a meal can actually slow down the digestive process. If you suffer from digestive issues opt for room temperature water or warm water instead! Stick to drinking your cold water while you sweat.

Drinking warm or hot water is best upon rising because it really helps to stimulate blood flow to your tissue. Warm lemon water is also a great caffeine alternative, lemon juice is great for stimulating your body to wake up. Lemon is naturally energizing and refreshing, put it in your favorite coffee mug and remember to rinse your mouth after just like you would with coffee because it is slightly acidic.

The choice to drink warm or cold water is entirely up to you, just keep in mind what your body is trying to tell you and remember to stay hydrated throughout the day!

Benefits of warm lemon water:

  • Aids in digestion (the hot water is very cleansing to your system in the morning)
  • Lemon helps to replenish the bodyafter a hard workout
  • Antimicrobial
  • A good source of vitamin C
  • Supports weight loss
  • Helps with bloating
  • Balances your bodys pH
  •  Flushes toxins
  • Improves your bodies ability to absorb nutrients properly
  • Kills worms
  • Keeps your skin healthy and glowing
  • Good for viral infections
  • Reduces acid
  • Hydrates the lymphatic system
  • Your liver will thank you

Spice it up

Try adding in fresh ginger root for a extra detoxifing boost. Cut a knob of fresh ginger and make sure to peel it for the full flavor and benefits.

Fresh rosemary is also a great way to switch it up. Studies have shown that rosemary is actually just as effective for improving memory as ginko baloba. Just smelling rosemary alone actually increases your long-term memory by 75%. Try this in your warm water if you are needing an extra brain boost!

Himalayan pink sea salt added into your water is incredible for extra hydration and also reduces muscle cramps in a pinch. This is a great sports drink because when you sweat you lose important minerals that need to be replenished after working out. Add a small pinch of salt and increase to taste. Most importantly don’t forget to take one for the gram and tag us!