katelyn - January 15, 2016

Every new year we all generally strive to better ourselves, physically, spiritually, financially and relationally. Setting goals can become overwhelming and you can easily lose focus of them if you don’t take the actions needed to achieve them. Write them down, make a list of 50 goals in all areas of your life that you want to achieve. DO NOT make them all realistic! What …

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katelyn - November 6, 2015

We all know the average adult should be getting 7-9 restful hours of sleep every night. But why do we neglect it so much? Sleep is just as important to your body as eating healthy and breathing, yet we all struggle to catch some zzz’s. (Insert bags under my eyes here.) When you’re deprived of sleep your brain can’t function optimally, effecting your cognitive abilities …

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katelyn - January 21, 2015

In elementary school I had a teacher who would drink apple cider vinegar every day because she said her grandmother swore by it, before the days of knowing any better I always thought it seemed a bit crazy.  I’ve been using acv for years and if it’s not a part of your daily routine you need to make it one.  If you’ve never drank this stuff straight up, truthfully? it might …

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katelyn - January 15, 2015

I have been lusting over glossier products for a while now, and I am absolutely addicted. Plus who can’t resist those stickers? The perfecting skin tint blended into my skin like a super light moisturizer and evened out my discoloration without erasing any freckles or clogging up pores. The finish is dewy and supple. It’s perfect for giving your skin a break from heavy foundations. Diamond powder …

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katelyn - January 2, 2015

  If you’re a frequent user of Pinterest I’m sure you’ve seen the 100 uses of coconut oil appear on your home page more than once,  but don’t forget about this beauty trend just yet.. Coconut oil is everywhere, but do you know why it’s so damn good for you? Coconut oil is 66% MCTS (Medium chain triglycerides), MCTS are godly because they are not stored in …

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