katelyn - January 3, 2017

I have seen numerous posts about persimmons floating around my intagram feed and have been curious about what these guys taste like. Persimmons resemble a tomato and are also a fruit like tomatoes, but have a delicate sweet honey-like taste and crisp texture. There are many different types of persimmons, the most commonly found in conventional stores and farmers markets are the Fuyu and Hachiya. …

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katelyn - September 3, 2016

With summer coming to a close that doesn’t mean you should stop working on that summer bod, remember summer bodies are made in the winter. Techincally speaking you still have two weeks of summer left. Whilst some of you are putting on your boots and drinking your first PSL, I am going to wear my sports bras and soak up the vitamin D for as …

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katelyn - July 31, 2016

This delicious and fresh recipe is perfect for when you are wanting to eat something healthy and fast without meal prepping for hours. Baby bok choy is actually a Chinese leafy cabbage even though it looks nothing like a relative of the cabbage family. Bok choy is virtually a perfect vegetable packed with almost all essential vitamins and minerals, high in vitamin-C, vitamin A, and …

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katelyn - April 24, 2016

That’s my jam. No really, it is and it tastes like heaven in a jar. Store bought jams and preserves are typically filled with refined sugars and other scary ingredients. The ones you have to google search because you have no earthly idea what they even are, pectin is one (used for gelling). The fiber in pectin cannot be digested because of the natural absence …

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katelyn - April 6, 2016

Sun tea tastes just as lovely as it looks. If you’ve never heard of sun tea before it is simply a method of brewing using the warmth of the sun to draw out natural flavors from dried tea leaves. Sun tea has a much milder flavor than traditionally brewed tea, plus it looks cool and makes you feel martha stewart-esque with minimal effort. Find a …

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katelyn - February 9, 2016

Move over avocado toast, this easy and protein packed breakfast is quick and great for a light dinner or snack. Avocados have amazing health benefits, they contain zero cholesterol and are high in healthy fats. I was just kidding about the avocado toast my inner white girl says sorry, I will never leave you boo. These baked avocado eggs are just as delicious as the …

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katelyn - January 11, 2016

I love breakfast, breakfast anything really. Usually I grab steel cut oats If I am wanting something warm and filling for breakfast, but it’s a new year and I’m embracing change even if it’s as small as quinoa over oats. Quote, that does not not mean i’m breaking up with oatmeal..  This cinnamon-y porridge will defintely keep you feeling full until lunch, and satisfy your …

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katelyn - January 26, 2015

I’m always looking for that “healtly” bad treat, obviously it must meet the requirements of being dairy and gluten-free. Don’t get me wrong, I slip up from time to time like all of us do. These bars are so easy to make and are seriously good. I love anything peanut butter and jelly, until the 5th grade my mom always gave me hell because it …

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katelyn - January 21, 2015

In elementary school I had a teacher who would drink apple cider vinegar every day because she said her grandmother swore by it, before the days of knowing any better I always thought it seemed a bit crazy.  I’ve been using acv for years and if it’s not a part of your daily routine you need to make it one.  If you’ve never drank this stuff straight up, truthfully? it might …

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