July 6, 2016


July 6, 2016


July 6, 2016

Working out is hard enough, but working out in the morning is completely out of the question for many. Not only will it cut into their sleep time, but trying to fit in a workout when their mornings are already chaotic enough can be an all out drag. But despite the challenges, working out in the AM is actually better than waiting until after work or in the evening to do it.

You’ll be ready to conquer the day since you already accomplished such a great feat in the early morning and you’ll be more willing to eat healthier since you started the day on such a good foot! Other pros to working out in the morning include: feeling less stressed when it’s time to go to work or school, getting in a better work out and burning more fat, starting the day in an awesome mood and having more energy during the day. If you’re ready to start being a morning workout person, here are some tips to make it happen (and actually get up before your pre-set alarm)


1. Make sure that you schedule it
You can’t just want to wake up earlier to workout because if you do, you’ll most likely talk yourself into sleeping in. Instead, you’ll have to actually make it part of your schedule. Just like a doctor’s appointment or a due date for some big task at work or school, you need to make an appointment with yourself to get up earlier than normal and get in that workout!

2. Set out your clothes the night before
To help make it all easier in the AM, you should set out your workout clothes and gear the night before so that you’re more willing to actually do it. You have no excuses not to go out for a run since your shoes are right by the bed or follow an exercise DVD because it’s already in your DVR! It also helps to jot down a few notes of what type of workout you’d like to get in so that you don’t have to think about what machines or exercises you’d want to do because you’ve already thought everything through.

3. Buy workouts
To really make you go, consider buying a your morning workout! Whether it’s a personal trainer or a class membership, when you actually have to pay for it, you’ll be more willing to get up so that your money isn’t wasted.

4. Find a workout friend
It’s easier to get up and workout when you have a friend! Find a buddy to hit the gym with or meet up with them for an early morning run. Not only will it help with your commitment to work out earlier, but it will also challenge you if you come up with some friendly competition between you two!

5. Reward yourself
Do you have your eye on something special? Instead of buying it right away, you should make that your reward for getting up early for a month straight and working out. Or, you can pay yourself out for each early morning workout you do so that you can spend that money on something special. It helps to reward yourself since you’re more mentally prepared to follow through with something if you’ll get something you’ve been wanting in return (besides a toned bod)!


6. Baby steps
Instead of jumping into an early routine, take baby steps by setting back your alarm by five minutes the first week and so on and you’ll start to get up earlier and earlier before you know it! I can promise you that but ryan and strawberries not so much..