July 18, 2016


July 18, 2016


July 18, 2016

What exactly is ghee? Ghee butter is a staple in Indian cooking. Ghee has been used as an aryuvedic ingredient for centuries. Ghee is made from separating the milk solids (casein and lactose) from butter that results in a rich aromatic golden liquid. Ghee is great for cooking, sautéing, and even frying because it has a high smoking point of 475 degrees.


Ghee is derived from pure butter, making it 99.8% butter concentrate. Those who suffer from casein and lactose inteolerance normally have no issues with incorporating ghee into their diet. Ghee is a great source of healthy fats like coconut oil, it is naturally rich in antioxidants and also aids in digestion.

Benefits of Ghee

  • Great for weight loss
  • Flushes excess bile from the body
  • Rich in omega 3 & omega 9 fatty acids
  • Good healthy source of fat
  • “Scrubs” the intestines of bad bugs
  • Supports mood & energy levels
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Dairy free


Ghee is not only amazing for the body but also for the mind and soul. There is a reason why they call it a “gut feeling” your brain gut connection is very real and your emotions can majorly effect the state of your gut health. Your gut lining is composed of five hundered million nerves and 20 different types of neurons that connect your brain to the entric nervous system. The entric nervous system has been called the “second brain” because of the sililarities between the gut and brain. Ghee is incredible for reparing your gut lining and for people who suffer from peptic ulcers. Ghee is also a great natural source of butyric acid. Butyric is a short-chain amino acid that helps to repair intestinal cells and decreases inflammation.

How to use ghee

  • Roast vegetables
  • Use as a cooing oil to saute or stir fry
  • Drizzle over rice, chicken, and seafood
  • Make an herb butter by mixing salt and herbs of your choice
  • Spread on toast
  • Use to scramble your eggs
  • Use in place of coconut oil

You can find Ghee at your local heath food store or you can also make your own ghee at home in less than 30 minuets!


1 pound of organic grass fed butter

Melt butter in a large sauce pan and bring to a boil. Reduce the heat to medium and cook until the butter turns to a clear golden liquid.

How do you know when its “done” cut a small strip of paper and dip it into the butter. Carefully light the strip on fire and if the fire “pops” the water hasnt been completely cooked out and the ghee isnt finished cooking. Once the ghee starts to build a foam at the top, thats an other indication that it is completely done.

Spoon the golden liquid into a glass jar and let cool until solidified. Side note ghee does not require any refrigeration and has a shelf life of a year!