June 16, 2016


June 16, 2016


June 16, 2016

What shifts in us between childhood and “adulting” – we stop prioritizing our happiness for responsibilities. As children we didn’t seek out happiness it just flowed naturally. We went outside and played when we needed to, we ate when we were hungry, we took naps when our bodies us it needed the rest. I was listening to a podcast recentely that talked about how we prioritize getting to work on time yet we fail to prioritize our own happiness. Why is that? This really make me stop to evaluate my own “happy”.

What is that one thing that truly makes you happy? – Are you neglecting it? Creating time for the things that make you happy is so incredibly important. We are so programmed to function in autopilot mode, we get to work on time, eat, sleep and repeat. It is an inevitable fate that when we resist the very things that make us happy our friendships and relationships start to drift apart. Often we even start to resent the very people or things that bring us joy because we don’t spend time doing things that make us feel alive. Don’t don’t do that to yourself.

I so often hear “I don’t have time for that” – that is %1000 an excuse, you had the time to drive to get your coffee, spent time scrolling on Instagram and checked your facebook simultaneously. So why don’t you have 20 minutes to go outside or move your body? Put a podcast on and it will instantly help to shift your mood. Stop spending your time on the monetary things that bring you an empty sense of being. Once you start to prioritize your time to do the things that bring you a sense of fulfillment you will realize how much time you do have for them – Like Epsom salt baths and reading a damn good book.

Prioritizing your happiness into your daily routine will give you an overall greater sense of being as well as lowering anxiety and depression. So take a chill pill and spend time creating a list of the things that bring you a sense of joy. That doesn’t nessicarily have to be sky diving. It might be as simple as cooking a meal for yourself or a loved one every night, or getting back into that dance class you’ve been meaning to try.  By writing the things down that bring you joy, go over the emotions you feel when you do those activities. Envision incorporating those thing into your daily routine that get your endorphins pumping. Maybe that means scaring yourself a little bit, growth doesn’t occur without a little bit of fear. Perhaps your even scared of the idea of being really genuinely happy? Seems crazy but some people are actually afraid of it because that means being real and raw with yourself. Don’t resist it, we all deserve to be a living breathing euphorhic ball of happy all the time.

You and only you are %100 In charge of finding your nirvana.