June 16, 2016


June 16, 2016


June 16, 2016

I know you have a tough routine while managing work, home, and a social life but there’s one person out there who simply needs your care, love, and affection like no one else does and that person is YOU! You see, the formula is simple. You spend most of your life with yourself so you yourself deserve most of your attention. There’s no point of losing that natural glow of your skin because you have no time after office to take care of it and cannot bring yourself up to miss the next episode of your favorite TV show. What good does staying up all night and dedicating a healthy sleep time to Facebook and Twitter do to you? Well, I can safely say that nothing actually.

Each and every part of your body needs you to take care of it and maintain its health. I will not suggest spending hundreds of dollars on getting an appointment in a salon or spa. Instead, I’ll give you a few wonderful tips and by following them you cannot not only save your health but also a few dollars.


  • Banana and Egg Hair Treatment:
    Straightening and blow drying your hair on a daily basis can ruin it’s texture and compromise on it’s natural shine. Get that back instantly by applying a banana and egg mixture on dry hair for 10 to 30 minutes before washing it. Nobody will miss that new shine in your hair.
  • Olive Oil Treatment for Nails:
    Immerse your nails in olive oil for about 5 minutes. Take them out and continue glaring at them with astonishment and do not forget to thank me while mumbling surprisingly in that state.


  • Honey Face Mask:
    I am talking about raw honey here, not the processed compound that is termed as honey. Take one tablespoon and warm it while rubbing your fingertips together. Apply it on your face and leave for about 5 to 10 minutes. Afterward, wash your face with warm water and notice the immense softness it brings to your skin.
  •  Elbow and Knee Exfoliate:
    Have dark patches on your elbows and knees and it always gets embarrassing when you wear short sleeves or short skirts? Just cut an orange in half and rub it on those dark patches on your elbows or knees. You will no longer be able to find those annoying dark patches anymore.
  • Get Rid of Those Blackheads:
    Cut a lemon in half and place 4 to 5 drops of raw honey on it (Do remember what I said about honey earlier). Rub the lemon on the troubled areas and leave the mixture ion your skin for about 5 minutes. Rinse it with warm water and see those blackheads vanish. It is better to do this treatment before bedtime because going out in the sun after this treatment will not be a very wise thing to do as it makes your skin photosensitive.


These quick and easy tips will help in bringing back your natural beauty that you have been compromising on. Why save so much money for a salon appointment while spending so much time in ignoring your health? These natural beauty enhancing tips will help in using your money for a holiday vacation or buying that new pair of shoes that you have been admiring along with providing you with a stunning natural look.