January 14, 2017


January 14, 2017


January 14, 2017

New year, new you? Personally I have always thought that saying is bs, we do this weird thing where when every new year unfolds itself in all its glory we think we somehow that we are going to be born again. In some sense that is true, maybe over the holidays you overindulged like I did but it’s all in moderation like anything else right? My theory is enjoy yourself in moderation because dieting literally has the word “die” in it. Working out should be fun and this is a lifestyle change not a diet. Don’t completely deprive yourself from enjoying life, remember this is a journey and most importantly keep it fun. Especially if you are new to the fitness world are looking to explore what you enjoy or are looking to switch up your routine. We’ve made it easy for you to stick to your resolutions and have tried out every singe one of these amazing workouts for you.


1. Orange theory fitness

Quickly becoming a top trending workout and for a good reason orange theory is a unique mix of high intensity interval training, weight lifting, and TRX training. In a 60 minute OTF class you can burn up to 500 to 1000 calories and continue to burn for 36 hours afterwards. You can count us in. I love the energy of orange theory classes, I mean even the walls are orange. You will definitely be buzzing on the energy so go a head and drink the koolaid, it’s good we promise. Plus, your first class at orange theory is free.

Located:   2317 South Blvd.Charlotte, NC, 28203

Participants work out during the free twice-a-week boot camp being co-led by former NFL star Randy Moss, who now lives in Charlotte, and.2X Crossfit games athlete Emily Breeze. Breeze and Randy came up with the idea as a way to give back to the community they both love so much. Participation is expected to eclipse 500 people.

2. Stax bootcamp

Dedicated to making Charlotte the fittest community, Stax is seriously committed to their motto. Lead by former NFL pro Randy Moss and Emily Breeze one seriously badass momma and 2X crossfit games athlete. Stax is truly the biggest and baddest bootcamp in Charlotte, so chug your pre-workout and bring the squad for a seriously sweaty 60 minute bootcamp filled with push-ups, sprints, and if you’re lucky lot’s of burpees. When? Every Monday and Wednesday evenings at 6:30 pm. Stax bootcamp is ALWAYS free and open to the Charlotte community.

Located: 3722 South Tryon St in Charlotte, North Carolina 28217.



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3. AirFit Charlotte

AirFit Charlotte is a gorgeous space located in Myers Park and is opening a brand new South Park location February of 2017. If you are looking to switch up your routine Air Charlotte is the perfect place to do it. Who doesn’t want a killer workout and to simultaneously feel like a goddess at the same time. Kerri’s welcoming energy made me feel completely comfortable to tackle the silks. Wednesday at 10:45am they offer a $5 community class that is on my resolution list to become a regular of. See you there!

Located: 1043 Providence Rd, Charlotte, NC 28207.

4. Hilliard studio method

HSM is a tummy toning, leg shaking 60 minute or less class that incorporates the barre, weights, weighted balls, and resistance bands. They currently have two locations one in Myers Park and one further north in Davidson located inside of Dance Davidson. Founded by Liz Hillard who I’m convinced is literally wonder woman and her daughter Clary. This mom and daughter power duo are passionate about making women feel powerful in their own skin and I’m all about that. Post workout make sure to fuel up properly and try out their HSM signature smoothie it is bomb. I grabbed the recipe from their website below:

HSM signature smosothie:

¼ avocado
Juice of ½ lime

1 cup organic mixed berries
2 scoops Tera’s Vanilla Whey protein powder (rBGH Free vanilla, organic plain, or goat whey)
1 scoop Catie’s Organic Greens powder
1 scoop Catie’s Organic Vitamin C Plus powder
1 tbsp chia seeds
1 cup ice
2/3 cup of coconut water
Charlotte Location: 516 Fenton Pl, Charlotte, NC 28207
Davidson Location: 140 Jackson St, Davidson, NC 28036
 royal change


5. Royal Change FITCAMP

Located inside of Stax, Royal Change’s FITCAMP takes place every Saturday morning at 10:30 so you really have no excuses with time to sleep in. Sydney is an incredible instructor, the energy she brings to the table is undeniable and contagiously motivating. FITCAMP is a 60 minute boot camp style class mixing high intensity interval training and cardio for a kick ass sweat. Your first class is $5 and only $10 after. Bring a new friend with you and their first time is $5 and most importantly don’t forget to brunch after.