February 14, 2017


February 14, 2017


February 14, 2017

Whether you are single or have a significant other, I fully believe in treating yo self and what better day to do it than valentines day. Especially if you have been putting in work at the gym you deserve to celebrate your hard work! You go girl, or guy. We put together the perfect gift guide for any fitness, health, and wellness junkies like us.

1. Grid X Foam Roller

The grid X foam roller is the firmest foam roller trigger point carries and was designed to break through the bodies toughest trouble spots. Perfect for you and your boo to share or keep it all to yourself, it isn’t for the faint of heart but your quads will sincerely thank for it we promise.

gridx_matrix32. Mud Facial Bar

Clean your dirty face in less than 30 minutes. Sign me up, I have not personally tried Mud yet but being that my back ground is in esthiology I am all about taking care of your skin externally and well as internally. We all know good skin comes from within but we face harsh environmental toxins everyday that are being absorbed through your largest organ your skin. Especially still being winter time its more than likely your face is feeling thirsty. Mud is offering a groupon for two facials for only $49 at their new Charlotte location. So stop in and get your glow on.




3. Beauty Dust

Beauty dust? Yes you heard that correctly please sprinkle it all over my life and egg white oats but seriously this stuff is amazing. With ingredients like Goji, Schisandra, and Pearl yes actual pearl powder you will literally be glowing from the inside out. Don’t be afraid to double dose on this beauty food goodness.


4. Ice Ice baby. Not the most romantic but definitely an amazing and restorative gift to give to yourself or a loved one who lives an active lifestyle. Cryotherapy has a multitude of positive benefits such as reducing inflammation, collagen production, and aids in speedy recovery.  I promise you will leave feeling like a million bucks because hello endorphans. Restore Cryotherapy in Charlotte is offering a groupon for a whole-body single session for 28.99.




5. Who doesn’t like chocolate especially potent antioxidant infused chocolates that burn fat. Yes you heard that correctly. With ingredients that help to keep you nourished between meals you can have these babies guilt free every day. My favorite are the sea salt caramel isadelights, they are actual pieces of heaven in a box and I always keep these in my purse at all times regardless if it is Valentines day or not.


6. Whiskey Run Co Natural muscle rub

All natural, vegan, and hand crafted with pure essential oils this muscle rub is perfect for athletes, yogis, or the person who is sitting at a desk all day. This muscle rub smells and feels fantastic for tired and sore muscles. I love this sports massage oil because it is also arnica free which can cause skin irritations. Perfect for throwing in your gym bag, while traveling, or in your purse this stuff is always a staple in my bag.